Changes to Hours
Thanks for stopping by! My hours for repair have changed again – and hopefully for the better!

All repairs are still by appointment, but I am much more flexible in my available time to do repairs. I do repairs 7 days a week, and am available pretty much anytime throughout the day or night. Please remember, however that I require an appointment for all repairs. That way I can be sure I have the parts you need and have set aside time to dedicate to your specific repair.

Text or call (270) 908-0338 (text is best) to get a repair estimate and set up an appointment that works for you!

You can also fill out the Estimate Request form (see the link at the top of the page).

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  • Atomic City Mobile (formerly ian’s iPhone Repair) is a home-based business that has been Paducah, Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois best choice for iPhone and iPad repair since 2010.  Not only do I provide the best quality repair service using the highest quality parts available. I can do it for a much lower price than anyone else in the area! Simply set up an appointment, drop your phone by, and come pick it up at your convenience!

  • I can provide these repairs at such low prices because I don’t have any overhead. No employees (all repairs are performed personally by me) and no expensive storefront, high-priced radio, TV billboard ads, or flashy websites mean that I don’t have to pass those expenses along to you. Most repairs take less than an hour. TEXT or CALL (270) 908-0338 today for an appointment! Text is always the fastest way to reach me directly.

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